Automation of businesses

We offer IT-solutions on different platforms: Node.JS, .NET, 1C Enterprise 8. Ready-made web applications or software development from scratch, depending on the economic feasibility, objectives and conditions of the task.

Projects and maintenance of 1C

Full-cycle 1C services : implementation of new projects and the support of current systems. We can organize a support, as well as make evolutionary or revolutionary progress for your IT-system :).

IT Expertise

We can provide expert evaluation, as well as an independent audit of your automation project. Also we can give recommendations about IT, or assist in the selection of the outsource partner or the it-specialists for your awesome projects.

Integration Software

We solve the tasks on integration of it-solutions on different platforms, and our experts can make data exchanges, either through files and direct methods, using API technology. Integration between website and corporate accounting system or ERP, or CRM, and others.

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Agile/Scrum and Waterfall

At the implementation of our projects we follow Agile principles using Scrum process to produce quick results and flexible project management. And we using elements of the waterfall metodology where it is necessary.

It's help us always keep abreast of the status of the project and manage efficiently:

Daily project meetings; Planning each iteration; 2-weeks' step of the development; Demo of each iteration to the customer.

Goals, deadlines and resources

At this step we learn existing systems of a customer, define project volume and bounderies, list of general functions to be implemented in the system,and prepare general specification for the configuration team.

Plan, task and production

The main goal is a creation effective systems in the time and budget. This phase our team and responsible workers of customer have meeting and negotiation, gather and specify requirements, and make comprehensive documentation,. This stage we are developing / programming / coding the requirements, testing, verification and debugging. In the global project it may be several such phase and several different teams.

Support and maintenance

Last project phase is a trial operation and commissioning of IT systems with further technical and user support.