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Expertise at IT

The market offers a variety of tools and products:

✔ which product to choose?

✔ what CRM is right for us?

✔ the development of own system or turnkey solution?

✔ the redevelopment of the main ERP or integration of specialized applications?

Integration of systems and data

It company offer for B2B today a huge selection of solutions. From migration opportunities, their implementation and use - depends the profit and competitiveness.

✔ Use multiple databases 1C Enterprise

✔ Use of cloud CRM systems in collaboration with local ERP

✔ Need to integrate mobile apps, web services with accounting systems

✔ Integration 1C with Web site

✔ Integration with systems of suppliers

It is projected that by 2019, 40% of companies will use an integrated infrastructure, due to HYBRID INTEGRATION PLATFORMS, which will provide:

✔ A single, authoritative data source;

✔ The comparison and reconciliation of;

✔ Generating analytical reports based on data from different systems;

✔ Getting rid of the superfluous functionality;

✔ The flexibility and speed business.

Development and support of business applications


✔ Automation of external processes, systems, interaction with suppliers;

✔ Application for automation of internal processes, complex projects;

✔ Integration solutions and migration.

Development, implementation and support:

Complex projects 1C Enterprise

SaaS services and mobile applications

Web applications: B2B, B2С, B2G

Platforms that we use:

1C Enterprise 8

.NET, Node.JS

IT infrastructure companies need to work for the business, not the business for IT..

Agile Scrum cycle. Methodology for Software Development

We develop projects of automation any complexity: from minimum viable product to complex automatization systems. Today, for the implementation of the projects we use Agile / Scrum methodology, but we support both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, and recommend to use a path according to project specifics and our customer’s needs.

At the stage of coordination of goals and functional scope of the project, we outline the boundaries of the project, define deadlines, human resources and budget + risks. This stage in the cascade projects are usually call functional requirements or specifications.

Product development is a iterative, and you can control the outcomes every 2 weeks or monthly.

Next important step is the phase of implementation (pilot and commercial operation) and further maintenance, including end user support.

We offer Off-the-shelf software on the platform “1C Enterprise 8”: sales, implementation, support and maitanance.

All IT systems requre continuous support, maintenance and servicing. Current system needs monitoring, troubleshooting, update installation and reengineering. We provide a range essential support services and support resources.

it outsourcing services. maintenance and support of IT systems.

Our Cloud experience includes the development of web services, we make projects of migration existing systems to the cloud and implemention SaaS models within local IT Enterprise sustems.

We make application integration between corporate tools (external and internal enterprise systems), we use different tecnologeis of integration such as exchanges files (xml, txt, xls etc) and direct connect methods to the data base, API technology. It is may be also integration web-sites with systems of booking, payment or corporate database such as CRM or Enterprise Content Managment System and etc. We make automation of complex business processes that touch different information systems and databases in the company.

TQM systems: integrated automation & software development (custom and from scratch). Business and industry solutions: ERP, CRM, PLM, ECM, Pharm etc. Applications development: SaaS services, web and mobile applications webapps, Integration solutions, API technology, Cloud migration. IT outsourcing. Platforms:1C Enterprise 8, Node.JS, .NET.

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