API Technology

API Documentation

What is API:

A person, a group of people, a division of a company, business in general - all are in constant interaction with the people around them, groups of people, objects, and most importantly - systems. The Internet, which can already be called the fifth element of our planet, forms a special kind of interaction, “Internet resources relations”. In order for us to communicate with systems, and for systems to communicate with each other, programmers have put enormous work into creation of API technology to enable interaction between people, systems, and devices. Moreover, they have taught our devices and systems to communicate with us.

 Beyond our visual perception, there is continuous communication between programs, applications, web services, and they all communicate in a special language - API.

So what is API ?

API technology - is a set of functionalities for two or more systems interaction with each other.

  • Acquaintance with API
  • API Specification
  • API Documentation

So What Is API ?

The most used APIs in different areas:

  • Web-services 
  • Graphic interface 
  • Image API 
  • SQL API 
  • Currency API 
  • Browser API 
  • OS

API Areas

First steps in API technology:

  • API tools 
  • API creation 
  • API code 
  • API queries 
  • API functions 
  • API procedures 
  • API testing 

API apps

In our world, we constantly interact with something: with other people and objects surrounding us. In the era of IT-technologies g

aining momentum every year, we have established the longest “relationships” with various Internet resources. However, not everyone understands that behind what we see, stands someone's colossal work, that somebody has taken care of us and taught our devices to communicate with us. Beyond our eyes, continuous communication goes on between programs, applications, web services. They all communicate in a special language - API.

 API base for applications:

  • google 
  • facebook 
  • bitrix 
  • youtube 
  • vk 
  • ok 
  • instagram 
  • yandex 
  • maps 
  • minecraft 
  • skype 
  • jira 
  • torrent 
  • wordpress

API & develop

API usage in programming:

  • .net 
  • ios 
  • java 
  • js 
  • jquery 
  • delphi 
  • php 
  • python