Multi-purpose solutions 1С:Підприємство Enterprise: ready made software business-product: functionality, automated processes, price. Custom development new additional functions.

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1С:Підприємство Small Business

"1С:Підприємство Small Business" - is an off-the-shelf solution, providing the ability to solve most tasks and problems of operational accounting, planning and analysis of small business activity. About potential of IT solution "1С:Підприємство Small Business" for business management, and benefits which the system can provide for your business. Among them: the possibility of on-line to monitor the financial performance and the KPI, financial reports such as "Profits and Losses", "The Balance Sheet", "Cash flow" and other; customer database and advanced tools of CRM process and many other features. "1С:Підприємство Small Business" is a business software solution capable of automating most activities in any small company’s workflow, including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production, customer service, project management, and much more. Also we offer custom development new functions on the base of this software by acceptable and fair pricing. You can try trial version of this software right now!

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1С:Підприємство ERP Enterprise

"1С:Підприємство ERP 2 Enterprise Management" - an innovative solution for the construction of integrated information management systems, multi-enterprise, taking into account the best international practices of automation of large, medium-sized and small businesses.

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1С:Підприємство Document Management (Enterprise Content Management)

1С:Підприємство Document Management - a modern powerful ECM system (Enterprise Content Management). In relation to the aggregate price supply and functionality of the product - the proposal has advantages in its niche software.

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1С:Підприємство Accounting for CIS Countries

Universal bookkeeping and tax calculation software with CIS Countries Accounting Standards-compliant reporting 1С:Підприємство Accounting offers efficient, convenient bookkeeping and tax calculation for any industry: wholesale and retail trades, commission trade, services, manufacturing, construction, and so on. Accounting is based on charts of accounts corresponding to local legislation.

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1С:Підприємство Payroll and HR Management

1С:Підприємство Solutions for Payroll calculation and HR management. The solution includes:

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