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Atom.PharmDist : Analytical SaaS-service for pharmaceutical companies

Atom.PharmDist - it is a complex solution for the pharmaceutical companies. The basic purpose of the Atom.PharmDist system it is an analysis of the sales distribution of pharmaceutical products through regions / to the segments / to the clients. Due to this web-service for pharmaceutical business becomes accessible service to process of analyst's sales for all employees, from a leader to the medical representative.

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CRM (Small Business)

CRM for small business - is a software product to automate the process of interaction with customers for companies up to 100 people. CRM system can be deployed as a cloud solution or locally on your servers. Implemented functionality of storage of all information about customers, sales funnel, personal and group assignments, status of the clients, and synchronization with other systems at the payment documents and customers database.

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MRP for Small Manufacture

Web-service "MRP (Small Manufacture)" - is the solution for small production companies, functionally intended to reflect business transactions of custom production. Web application "MRP (Small Manufacture)" can be used for various types of manufacturing processes.

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