1С:Підприємство Enterprise Industry solutions : the best price of ready made software. Description, automated business-processes and pricing.

Industry and business specific 1С:Підприємство solutions

Industry- and business-specific 1С:Підприємство Enterprise solutions are customized for specific businesses, thus cutting back costs and minimizing implementation time. 1С:Підприємство Company and its partners develop and maintain a large scope of solutions for a variety of industries and businesses, ranging from accounting to corporate ERP-class systems.

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1С:Підприємство Solutions for Trade Management

1С:Підприємство Trade Management provides solutions for operations and management accounting, analysis, and planning. It fully automates trade, financial, and warehouse operations, elevating wholesale and retail companies to the modern enterprise management level. The solution features:

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1С:Підприємство Solutions for Retail automation

1С:Підприємство Retail and 1С:Підприємство Retail-based industry solutions automate retail outlet and store accounting, including retail networks. The solution includes:

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